Friday, July 17, 2009

Lovely Cupcakes <3

izit very pretty all the cupcakes....australian bakery can bake it for you...<3

Funny Cakes!!!! For adult cakes....=)

All this cakes is make from australian bakery.....we not only bake simple cakes...we bake cakes that is not simple!!!!(remember to give some comment about our cakes...thanks=) )

Friday, June 12, 2009

Awesome cakes

This is some awesome cake...izit all look like real begs??? i can tell u all this begs is make from cakes...all this cake have to order....we didn't make it all the have to order so we can make the cake for you =)...u can call us *03-21421759 to order ..we have delivery service ...if you have any question you wan to know about the can leave a msg at my "Talk To Cakes"chat box...

Cakes that's sold everyday

Cakes That's Sold Everyday
All the cakes here is very delicious and pretty too =)....have a look at the picture!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

1st post of Australian =)

Hi everyone....welcome to Australian Confectionery blog!!!
Australian is my family business shop...Australian is a bakery shop....we sell :cakes (we sell all type of cakes : ) ) , bread , cupcakes , sweet rolls , wedding cakes and alotz....i will be posting all type of cakes picture tat is make from Australian Bakery (but have to wait 2 more days)...if u guys wanted to buy a cakes or birthday cakes u can order or go to Australian to have a look =) all the information of the shop is at My Cakes ( lefthand side on the blog)....and we have delivery service too =) post have some special cakes picture...soon=)